Perfect Regularity vs Perfect Chaos

<FUJIFILM X-T30,XF35mmF2 R WR, ISO 160, f/5.6, SS 1/2400s>

Perfect regularity and perfect chaos are two completely different words. Both of them are extreme expressions that can’t be possible at the time when we live. But still, if either can be feasible, I personally think that perfect regularity is better than perfect chaos.

If the world is perfectly regular, it means that human can predict everything. We will know when the crisis happens. We can prepare for it. For example, we will know the pandemic (COVID-19) would have happened at 2020 by the pattern of world. Bu preparing and being cautious about it, the number of the deaths caused by COVID-19 would have decreased or wouldn’t have even existed. Medicines would have been started to develop earlier and faster by equipping the money that is needed during the vaccine development. Also, the economy of world would have stayed stable. Likewise unemployment rate and work hours are also what perfect regularity can help us in this situation now.

Even though my opinion is that perfect regularity is better than perfect chaos, I still disagree about the idea that both predicting and not knowing about anything in the future are both not right. I’m sure that humanity won’t last long enough with perfect chaos. Perfect regularity , in a different view, won’t make the world better too. Humanity needs a challenge to develop. Countries compete one another in the process of getting out of the dangers that are not predicted, but if the world’s pattern has no big changes, we won’t grow up anymore. We will stay in this same life without development.

My opinion is that it’s true that perfect regularity is better than perfect chaos, but both of then should not happen. Perfect regularity would had helped people prepare or even prevent from the deadly virus COVID-19, but thinking of the future’s development, the risk of it is too big. I think staying in the middle of perfect regularity and perfect chaos is the most ideal situation.

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